Online Reputation Experts at Reputation Maxx Reveal Top Tips for ORM

The online reputation experts at Reputation Maxx are revealing some of the ways that they protect their client’s online reputations. Besides deflecting negative content, a successful online reputation management campaign can create a buffer zone of positive content, just incase something unfavorable happens in the future. This way, it is much harder for negative posts and press to push through the wall of positive content that your online reputation management firm has created for you.

1. Own your name
The biggest mistake that the reputation experts at Reputation Maxx see that people who have come under attack have made is that they do not own their name. If you have a business, it is imperative that you buy your business’s name in domains. Head to Godaddy or 1and1 to purchase your company’s and your personal name in domains. .com, .net, .us and more should all be purchased by you. Even if these domains are not active, it is better for your piece of mind that you own them. Also, if something negative does surface, you have these domains ready and available for your online reputation management firm to use and deploy.

2. Search, search and search some more
Especially if your name or your company’s name is indexed, you need to search for that name at least 3 times a week to make sure that nothing has changed. Reputation Maxx advises people to search for their names on different search engines to see how they rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Also, download the Google Chrome browser to search for your name in incognito mode. This allows you to see what your name or search term looks like if you were to look for it the first time.