Debunking the Myths of Online Reputation Management: Nothing is Better than Negatives

When you are searched, what do you want people to see?
Reputation Maxx reveals the reasons why having no online reputation is worse than having a bad one.

Many people are under the assumption that having no online presence is preferable to having a bad online reputation. This is absolutely false for the following reasons that the reputation experts at Reputation Maxx are laying out below.

1. Lack of trust.
“In reality, you have to think about online reputation management from the consumer’s perspective,” said reputation expert and CEO of Reputation Maxx, Walter Halicki. “If you were to look up a company online and found nothing about them, wouldn’t you be a little bit concerned? Your customers definitely are, and they will go to a competitor that has a solid online reputation over one that has nothing there.”

2. Missed opportunities to convert.
Many of the sales that are keeping thousands of businesses up and running are done online. In fact, there are countless retailers and service providers that do all of their work online, converting on those who look them up through the various search engines that are prominent (Google, Yahoo and Bing). By failing to have a solid online presence, you and your company are missing out on hundred, thousands or even millions in lost revenue.

3. Limited interaction with consumers.
One of the other plusses of having proper online reputation management and utilizing social media platforms is the fact that you will be able to directly connect with your customers. You can find out what they like about your products, what they do not like about your products, get ideas for future products and so much more.

For more information on how to build up a successful web presence today, contact the online reputation management experts at Reputation Maxx.